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Circumnavigation cruise around the island of Serebryany Bor

Adult: 479

Child (aged 6 to 12): 299

Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free
Ticket price at the pier (if available):

Adult: 800

Child (aged 6 to 12): 600
Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free

16 information button Open date tickets can be used for any cruise before navigation stops. Electronic tickets must be printed out or shown at the checkpoint from a mobile or tablet screen.

ti calendar c
On weekends
from April 26 to September 2024

ti clock
55 minutes
cruise duration
ti boat
Amsterdam boat
type Moskvich

Cruise description
Join us on a cruise along the most picturesque river line within the city of Moscow! The cruise around Serebryany bor island is a real pearl of the Moscow waterways.

During the cruise, a comfortable boat will completely round the nature monument of Serebryany Bor, allowing our passengers to sit back and enjoy from above the spectacular views of the Trinity Church, built in 1703, as well as more modern sights on the northwest of the capital, such as Zhivopisny brige, the first cable-stayed bridge ever built in Moscow, and the views of Krasnopresnensky prospect. Among other sights flowing by the boat, you will find unique water control facilities erected in 1935-37 during the construction of the Moscow Canal: Karamyshevskaya dam and hydroelectric station, Khoroshevsky navigation canal and barrage gate No. 116.

After the boat sails into Serebryany bor bend from Shchukino, the overall impression is that you’re not in one of the districts of a huge noisy city, but that you have sailed far beyond its borders, and now are floating on a quiet river surrounded by soft-wood forests.

16 information button When landing at the Troitse-Lykovo pier, you can get off at the piers in Serebryany Bor and then return back on any flight that day without purchasing new tickets (only if there are free seats on the ship).

16 information button On weekdays, the ship stops at the Troitse-Lykovo pier for 30 minutes, returning to the Serebryany Bor-2 and Serebryany Bor-3 berths after 1 hour 30 minutes.

16 information button You can bring alcoholic beverages with you, except beer (with a receipt from the store), you are not allowed to bring your own food on board.

Circumnavigation cruise around the island of Serebryany Bor


mi offer label
Up to 50% discount on electronic tickets
Special price for e-tickets
mi river
The most picturesque river line in Moscow
Breathtaking views of both nature monuments and engineering constructions
mi champagne
You can bring your own alcohol
Passengers are allowed to carry their own alcohol

mi anchor
3 piers for boarding
Pick the pier that suits you most!
mi open date
Open date tickets
Can be used any day you want before navigation stops
mi romantic date
Bar on board
Wide range of starters, snacks, beverages and ice cream


The cruise map
Troitse-Lykovo pier — Serebryany bor — Rublevsky forest — Bezdonnoe lake (Bottomless Lake) — Krylatskoe — Zhivopisny bridge — Rechnik village — Karamyshevsky flood — Khoroshevsky bridge — Khoroshevskoye spryamlenie canal — Serebryany Bor-3 pier — Barrage gate N. 116 — Shchukino — Serebryany Bor-2 pier — Troitse-Lykovo pier

Itinerary map

Departure from Troitse-Lykovo pier (on weekdays):
11:20, 12:50, 14:20, 15:50, 17:20, 18:50, 20:20

Departure from Troitse-Lykovo pier (on weekends):
11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
Getting here – Troitse-Lykovo pier

  • Strogino or Shchukinskaya stations

    Take the sub to Strogino station of Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, exit from the last car, turn right when you go out of the glass doors, then to the left - up the stairs. Walk some 200 meters in the traffic direction along Stroginsky boulevard, then cross the zebra to Tallinn street and go out onto Tallinn street itself to the bus stop "Strogino metro station". Take bus N. 137 and go three stops to "Pristan'" . The bus makes this stop on demand, that is to stop the bus you need to notify the driver by pressing the button. Another way to get to the pier is on foot, it takes from 15 to 20 minutes, part of the way lies through a picturesque park.

    If you find Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya (purple) metro line more convenient for you, then go to Schukinskaya station, exit from the first car, then - to the right. After exiting the metro (the exit is combined with the entrance to Shchuka shopping center) you will see a bus stop with three platforms. You need to take bus N.137 departing from the middle platform, and get off the bus at "Pristan". All the way will take you about 15 minutes.

  • Turkmensky proezd, the nearest address - 16 Tvardovsky street, building 2

    The pier is situated in Strogino, convenient entrances from the Moscow Ring Road, Krasnopresnensky Prospekt, Stroginskoe Highway. If you are going from the direction of the Moscow Region area - then you need to take the Novorizhskoe Highway. Turn-off from Tvardovsky Street to Turkmensky Proezd (the yellow filling station of Rosneft will serve as a landmark to you). The nearest address available for the navigator is 16 Tvardovsky Street, building 2, this is the address of the filling station. Right behing it, there is a turn-off to the left towards the pier, there you will find free unguarded parking lot for 20-25 cars.

Departure from Serebryany Bor-3 pier (on weekdays):
11:50, 13:20, 14:50, 16:20, 17:50, 19:20

Departure from Serebryany Bor-3 pier (on weekends):
11:26, 12:26, 13:26, 14:26, 15:26, 16:26, 17:26, 18:26, 19:26, 20:26
Getting here – Serebryany Bor-3 pier

  • Station Narodnoye Opolcheniye

    Subway station Narodnoye Opolcheniye, then buses No. T21, T65, T86 to the stop Serebryany Bor, travel time is about 12 minutes

  • 1st line of Khoroshevsky Serebryany Bor, 21с1

    Access to the territory of the island "Serebryany Bor" for private transport is limited, there is a checkpoint at the entrance.

    You can get to Serebryany Bor along the Zvenigorodskoye highway and Marshal Zhukov Avenue, moving from the center, you need to go to the understudy of the avenue and move straight. Parking is possible in a paid parking lot next to the checkpoint or in the area of the Tamansky dead end, immediately after the Khoroshevsky bridge, there may not be parking spaces on weekends. From the parking lots, you can drive several stops by bus No. T21 to the Prichal stop, or walk through the picturesque territory of Serebryany Bor for about one and a half kilometers.

    We recommend guests with private transport to use a more convenient berth «Trinity-Lykovo», from which the same river routes depart.

Departure from Serebryany Bor-2 pier (on weekdays):
12:10, 13:40, 15:10, 16:40, 18:10, 19:35

Departure from Serebryany Bor-2 pier (on weekends):
11:45, 12:45, 13:45, 14:45, 15:45, 16:45, 17:45, 18:45, 19:45, 20:45
Getting here – Serebryany Bor-2 pier

  • Station «Narodno opolcheniye»

    By metro to the station "Narodnoye Opolchenie" of the Big Circle Line, exit from the first car, after the glass doors you can exit both right and left - on both sides of Marshal Zhukov Avenue there are bus stops number T21, where you need to go to the stop "Prichal", located in Serebryany Bor. Travel time is about 18 minutes, depending on the traffic situation. A common mistake is to get off at the final stop “Coast of the Moscow River”, you need to get off two stops before it. Also, in the summer months, bus No. T20 goes to the Prichal stop, in this case the final point of the route on the scoreboard is indicated as the Moscow River Bank, instead of the Silver Forest stop in the usual case.

  • 93 Tamanskaya Street, Building 1

    The passage to the territory of Serebryany Bor island is restricted for private vehicles, there is a checkpoint at the entrance.

    You can reach Serebryany Bor via Zvenigorodskoye highway and Marshal Zhukov Avenue, moving from the city cente: take the relief road and go straight ahead. Amongst parking options there is a paid parking near the checkpoint or you can park you car in the Tamansky blind end, right behind Khoroshevsky bridge, however on weekends there may not be any parking spaces left. Once you've parked you car, you can take a trolley bus N. 21 and go a few stops to the "Prichal" stop, or you can reach the pier by walking 1.5 kilometres through the scenic territory of Serebyrany Bor island.

    We recommend our guests who wish to take their private vehicles, to use the more convenient Troitse-Lykovo, berth, offering the same river cruises.




type Moskvich
Amsterdam is a fine motor boat of the 544 project, the famous "river tram", the most well received and popular both with the city dwellers and its guests passenger boat designed for local transportation during the soviet era at various shipbuilding plants across the Union.

The length of the ship is 27 meters, its width reaching almost 5 meters - such dimensions and the small draft of its hull allow it to pull snugly into all the metropolitan piers. The boats have the required certification, allowing them to cruise safely up and down the city’s small rivers without sailing into the reservoirs.


si multiple users silhouette
Able to accommodate up to 60 passengers
si hot coffee cup
Café & bar
si air conditioner
Air conditioning system

si loud audio
Audio system
si blanket
Warm blankets
si baby stroller
Baby carriages permitted

si credit card
Payment by card accepted on board
si bycicle
Bicycles permitted
si toilets



Adult: 479

Child (aged 6 to 12): 299

Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free
Ticket price at the pier (if available):

Adult: 800

Child (aged 6 to 12): 600
Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free


mi credit card face
Payment with no commission charged
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Mir payments
mi protection
Payment protection
The cardholder information is encoded when transmitted and is not stored any further, thus keeping the payments safe
mi smartphone
Present your ticket at the checkpoint
Electronic tickets must be printed out or shown at the checkpoint from a mobile or tablet screen


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Description    Cruise map    Timetables    Gallery     Boat    Tickets    Reviews

A scenic cruise to the north-west of Moscow river boat trips from Troitse-Lykovo pier

River passenger boats appeared in the villages of Strogino and Troitse-Lykovo in the early fifties of the twentieth century and were originally meant merely for transportation purposes. Back in the day, fresh-out-of-the-oven Moskvich boats, just built at the Moscow Shipyard, carried passengers of Strogino, Troitse-Lykovo and Tatarovo villages to Shchukino and Serebryany Bor, where the workers then took street cars and trolley buses to get to the city center and metro stations.

The ferries operated in a mode of real public transport straight from six to one in the morning, at intervals of 15 minutes, and navigation lasted as long as it could: from early spring to late autumn. After the termination of navigation pontoon semi-permanent bridges were erected.

Gradually, Moscow started absorbing the outskirts; new roads and bridges were constructed, and small villages and rural areas replaced with urban ones. Thus, the villages of Tatarovo, Strogino and Krylatskoe were completely destroyed. Ferrying the workers was no longer necessary. However the river transport, still fancied greatly by the residents, started to be used for recreation means, all the more so since the North-Western water area was always renowned for its particularly picturesque landscapes.

kr 5

The Circumnvagition line is now served by Amsterdam boats, which started navigating in 2016, and of course favorite back-on-track "M" motor boats - that earlier had only hard wooden benches to offer to its passengers, with their number sometimes reaching 200, and that are now equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and can comfortly accomodate 60-70 guests.

Landscapes unfolding before the passengers as the boat glides through the river line waters have also changed. Passengers can now admire a chic ellipse shaped Zhivopisny bridge, supported by the cables, whose large-scale construction immediately became the pearl of the route. The reconstruction of the Trinity Church in Troitse-Lykovo, an architectural monument of the 18th century, built in the Naryshkin Baroque style, is also finally completed.

On the site of the demolished village of Tatarovo there now is a promenade area for residents of Krylatskoe. Time flows, as well as the waters of the Moscow River, but the landscapes of the Northwest of the capital remain unfailingly beautiful, silent witnesses to the long history of this land.

Cruises that might also interest you:

Moscow Sightseeing River Cruise

Adult: 790

Child (6–12): 490

Moscow Sightseeing River Cruise

Every day

Departure from the piers Novospassky most (Proletarskaya metro station), Bolshoy Ustyinsky most (Kitay-Gorod metro station), Vorobievi Gori (Vorobievi Gori metro station), Gorky Park (Frunzenskaya metro station)

Cruise duration 2 hours 20 minutes

The central Moscow river walk is a two-hour route around the center of the capital from the Novospassky Bridge to the Vorobyievi Gori and back. The line is served by comfortable two-deck boats, throughout the cruise guests are welcome to enjoy a variety of snacks, hot and cold dishes, soft drinks and hard liquor.

Moskva-99 boat
Moskva-51 boat
type Moskva

· up to 200 passengers
· bicycles permitted
· restaurant & bar
· air conditioning
· audio system
· WC

b 387 e

Adult (dinner included): from 2190

Adult (without dinner): 1090

Child (6–12, dinner included): 1390

Child (6–12, without dinner): 790

Grand cruise along the Moscow River with dinner, live music and disco

Every day

Departure from the berth City-Expocentre (m. Delovoy tsentr), mooring place "A"

Cruise duration 3 hours 30 minutes

We’d like to invite you on a fabulous river cruise through the centre of Moscow aboard the comfortable two-deck Maestro boat. А delicious dinner, the musical programme in "Made in USSR" style and spectacular views of the capital sights: the Moscow City skyscrapers, Vorobyovy Hills, Gorky Park, Peter the Great Statue, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the Moscow Kremlin, the Saint Basil's Cathedral. Enjoy a memorable time on the Moskva river taking advantages of the excellent onboard service, nice music, the wave beat and a friendly company.

Maestro boat
Maestro boat
project R-102

· up to 250 passenger
· restaurant & bar
· air conditioning
· audio system
· WC

Lunch or dinner cruise aboard Radisson super yacht of ERWIN River restaurant

Adult (dinner included): from 3750

Child (6–12, without dinner): from 700 

Cruise on the super-yacht "Radisson" of the restaurant "ERWIN.Reka"

Every day

Departing from the Ukraine Hotel Pier (Kievskaya metro station)

Cruise duration 2 hours 30 minutes

Take an unforgettable gastronomic cruise along the Moscow River on a luxurious super-yacht of the Radisson Royal flotilla with a remarkable Erwin.River restaurant aboard. During an unusual water trip through the center of the capital, you will gain a refined and exquisite dining experience from an acclaimed seafood restaurant. Also on the menu - the fascinating views of the embankments to be enjoyed from the huge panoramic windows the yacht sports, and Moscow’s iconic sights from a totally new perspective!

Яхты Рэдиссон
«Felicita» yacht
A44212 project

· up to 330 passengers
· restaurant & bar
· air conditioning
· audio system
· warm blankets
· WC

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