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Прогулка на теплоходе от Парка Зарядье с экскурсией

Adult: 399

Child (aged 6 to 12): 199

Child (of up to 5 years old) — free
Ticket price at the pier (if available):

Adult: 1000

Child (aged 6 to 12): 1000
Child (of up to 5 years old) — free

ti calendar c
Every day
from January 4 to April 19, 2023
ti clock
1 hours 15 minutes
cruise duration
ti boat
Maestro boat and "Chizhik-II"
Type R-102 and type "OM"

Cruise description
We invite you on river cruise aboard a comfortable two-deck restaurant-boat through the centre of Moscow. The boat passes the water way through the whole centre of Moscow in a bit more than one hour's time. From aboard you can have spectacular views of grand historical sights and contemporary architectural landmarks of the megapolis. During a cruise there is a restaurant on the main deck at your service with a wide choice of snacks, drinks, and hot dishes.

kr 3


mi offer label
Up 60% discount on e-tickets
Special price when purchasing online
mi kremlin
The whole center of Moscow from the boat
The main sights of the capital from the best angle
mi open date
You can bring your own alcohol
Passengers are allowed to carry their own alcohol, we will provide you with the glasses

mi cruise
Amazing spring cruise
A unique trip along the Moscow River on a comfortable boat
mi kremlin
Comfortable fleet
The cruise takes place on comfortable board "Maestro" and "Chizhik-II"
mi romantic date
Bar and restaurant on board
A wide range of snacks, hot dishes and beverages


The cruise map
Kitay-Gorod / Ustyinsky pier — The Floating Bridge – Zaryadye landscape park – Saint Basil's Cathedral – The Kremlin – The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour – Peter the Great Statue — Krymsky most — Gorky Park (turnover) — Kitay-Gorod / Ustyinsky pier

Itinerary map

See timetables and purchase tickets
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 Getting here - Kitay-Gorod / Ustyinsky pier

  • Kitay-Gorod station

    Take the sub to Kitay-Gorod station of Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya (violet) or Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya (orange) line. Exit to Kitay-gorodsky passage in the direction of Moskvoretskaya embankment.

    After exiting the metro, you need to go along Kitay-gorodsky Passage some 400 meters in the traffic dirction (it’s a one-way passage) towards the Moscow River, then cross the Moskvoretskaya Embankment at the pedestrian crossing and walk 200 meters towards the pier, so that the river would remain to your right, and the Kremlin would be left behind.

    The whole way is about 600 meters, and will take you 8 to 10 minutes.

  • 7 Moskvoretskaya embankment

    The pier is located in the very center of Moscow, directly on Moskvoretskaya embankment, not far from the Kremlin.

    Parking is possible on both sides of the one-way Kitay-gorodsky passage in the city parking lot 1108, parking costs 150 per hour.

    On Sundays and public holidays, city car parking is free of charge.


nd line1
1/4 delicious pizza
Margherita or Pepperoni

Drink (optional)

nd line1
Carbonated drink
in assortment, 330 ml

black or green

16 information button Alcohol (except beer) can be brought with you, dishes will be provided for it. Be sure to have a receipt for the purchase of alcohol with you. You are not allowed to bring your own food.



R-102 project
Maestro is a snow-white beautiful boat and the only one of the unique boar project R-102. It was constructed in Perm and has been reequipped fully to become a comfortable cruise boat. 

The boat is more than 50 metres long and about 10 metres wide. Due to these huge dimensions it can accommodate in comfort up to 150 guests on the two decks. The boat is of Class R 1.2 (ICE10) of the River Register so it can operate safely on the Moskva river in any season.


si multiple users silhouette
Able to accommodate up to 150 passengers
si hot coffee cup
Restaurant & bar
si credit card
Payment by card accepted on board

si loud audio
Audio system
si baby stoller
Baby carriages permitted
si air conditioner
Air conditioning system

si bycicle
Bicycles permitted
si heater
si cruiser front view
Ice class

si toilets


Menu on board
Open the menu
Vegetable salad
150 g 370
«Greek salad» 200 g 450
«Quail's nest»
200 g 480
with chicken
180 g 500
with salmon
160 g 600
Bruschetta (2 pcs)
with salmon and soft cheese
100 g 420
Assorted fresh vegetables
200 g 430
Cheese plate
180 гр 600
Lightly salted salmon 200 g 820
with boiled potatoes
200 g 450
Garlic croutons
150 g 300
French fries
150 g 200
Chicken nuggets
150 g 270
Assorted olives and olives
150 g 250
20 g 60
Assorted meat delicacies
150 g 490
Russian pickles
in assortment
250 g 400
Hot dishes
Combo menu
beef burger french fries, drink, sauce
Pork shashlik
180 g 480
Chicken kebab
200 g 420
Turkey steak
250 g 540
Baked salmon 130 g 780
Spaghetti carbonara
230 g 460
Fettuccine with salmon
200 g 610
Tomato paste
250 g 400
Fettuccine with mushrooms
250 g 440
Grilled vegetables
150 g 400
Rice mix
100 g 180
Spaghetti with ham and mushrooms
250 g 450
Pork loin
180 g 550
Baked potato
100 g 220
Homemade lemonade
220/1000 ml 250/650
b / a - classic, strawberry, banana, grapefruit
350 ml 300
Cold berry tea
350 ml 250
Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite
500 ml 180
in assortment
200/1000 ml 150/450
Mineral water
with gas, still
500 ml 150
Kvass «Ochakovsky»
500 ml 180
Desserts and ice cream
Ice cream
in assortment
fruit plate
250 g 600
80 g 320
Ritter Sport chocolate 100 g 300
Milk shake
vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry
300 g 360
Berry panna cotta 70 g 250
Banana frame 300 g 350
Fruit salad
150 g 270
Raspberry bomb
Chocolate forest
Mango passion fruit
Snacks and supplements
Lay's Chips
in assortment
80 g 200
60 g 150
Salted peanuts
40 g 150
Lemon 50 g 60
50 g 90
Honey 30 g 50
Milk 50 g 50
Lime 50 g 90
Ice 70
Mint 60
Beer and cider
in assortment
470 ml 250
in assortment
750 ml 700
Hot drinks
seasonal natural
600 ml 450
600 ml 400
600 ml 350
60 ml 150
200 ml 180
300 ml 250
300 ml 300
Cold cappuccino
with caramel
350 ml
Caramel cocoa 200 ml 250
«Ice Frappé»
350 ml 250
200 ml 300



Adult: 399

Child (aged 6 to 12): 199

Child (of up to 5 years old) — free
Ticket price at the pier (if available):

Adult: 1000

Child (aged 6 to 12): 1000
Child (of up to 5 years old) — free


mi credit card face
Payment with no commission charged
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Mir payments
mi protection
Payment protection
The cardholder information is encoded when transmitted and is not stored any further, thus keeping the payments safe
mi smartphone
Present your ticket at the checkpoint
Electronic tickets must be printed out or shown at the checkpoint from a mobile or tablet screen


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Sightseeing river boat trip in the center of Moscow from Zaryadye Park

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