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New Year Moscow river cruise

adult (with dinner, STANDARD): 17990

adult (with dinner, PREMIUM): 20990

child (from 6 to 12 years old): 11250

children under 5 years old inclusive — free
The cost of tickets at the pier (if available):

adult (with dinner, PREMIUM): 20000

children (from 6 to 12 years old): 15000

children under 5 years old inclusive — free

16 information button  Electronic tickets must be printed out or shown at the checkpoint from a mobile or tablet screen.

ti calendar c
December 31, 2022, 21:30
ti clock
5 to 9 hours
Duration of the program
ti boat
Maestro boat
Type R-102

Cruise description
We invite you to a New Year cruise on the Moskva River on a comfortable and cozy cruise boat Maestro!

The most unusual celebration of the New Year is waiting for you on a cruise boat sailing along the Moskva River! The program of the festive cruise includes a cruise through the beautiful winter capital, unique opportunity to enjoy the country’s grand fireworks next to the Kremlin walls, a luxurious menu from our chef (included in the price), a fantastic party with contests, performances by pop artists, and most importantly – a great mood and an unforgettable atmosphere on board. The entire program will take place on a fully enclosed, warm deck. Maestro is an ice class boat which makes it possible to take a cruise along the river at any time of the year.

The cost of the cruise includes:

— river cruise on New Year's Eve with viewing fireworks near the Kremlin
— luxurious banquet on board
— separate tables located in a fully enclosed and heated banquet hall on the main deck
— unlimited soft drinks
— fashionable presenter with an entertainment program, contests and prizes
— congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
— live vocals
— unusual snow show
— professional light and sound
— incendiary disco from fashionable DJ

The ship is equipped with modern climatic equipment and maintains a comfortable temperature.

16 information button A guaranteed window table is provided for PREMIUM tickets.

kr 36


mi offer label
55% discount on electronic tickets
Special price when purchasing online
mi tray
Refined meals cooked by the chef
Elegant on board menu included in the ticket
mi champagne
You can bring your own alcohol
Passengers are allowed to carry their own alcohol, we will provide you with the glasses.

mi party
Entertainment program
Fabulous new year's ball with contests, divination and disco
mi fireworks
New year's fireworks at the Kremlin
The main salute of Russia you will see directly from the boat
mi romantic date
Separate tables
Cosy private ambiance: Tables for two for a romantic dinner or separate tables for a group of friends


Walking route
City Expocentre pier — The Moscow-city — Ukraina hotel — House of the Government of the Russian Federation (the Russian White House) — Moscow Mayor's office — Square of Europe (Kievsky railway station) — Novodevichy Convent — Lomonosov Moscow State University — Luzhniki Stadium — Vorobievi Gori (Sparrow Hills) — Neskuchny Sad (Garden) — Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure — Pushkin Bridge — Crimean Bridge — Peter the Great Statue — The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour — Kremlin — Saint Basil's Cathedral — Zaryadye landscape park — The Floating Bridge (going back) — Krymskiy most pier — City Expocentre pier

 Itinerary map

Dinner menu
  • Cold starters 
    nd line1
    Mixed deli meats, 80 gr.
    roasted ham dressed with four peppers, chicken mini rolls with dried apricot and pistachios, veal tongue 

    Mixed cheeses, 80 gr.
    with succades and walnut 

    Mini rolls of Kamchatka salmon, 80 gr.
    marinated with ginger

    Mixed mini rolls, 80 gr.
    jamon with arugula and dried tomatoes, bacon with cherry, a mini roll with pineapple, a mini roll with eggplant, soft cheese and greens

    Tomatoes, 80 gr.
    with crab mousse

    Home-made jelly, 160 gr.
    with meat, horseradish and mustard

    nd line1
    Salad a la Russe, 160 gr.
    with veal tongue and ham

    Home-made dressed herring, 160 gr.

    New Year Blues salad, 80 gr.
    with prawns, arugula and orange

    Hot starters
    nd line1
    Pancakes with wild mushrooms, 120 gr.
    in cream sauce

    Main courses (at choice)
    nd line1
    Atlantic salmon in Champagne cream sauce and red caviar, 120/120
    served with basmati rice 

    Beef fillet in demi-glace sauce, 120/120
    served with potato gratin 

    nd line1
    Fruit vase, 320 gr.

    Apple strudel, 80/40
    with almonds and vanilla ice-cream 

    nd line1
    Cranberry drink

    Mineral water
    still or sparkling

    black or green


    nd line1
    Bread basket

    nd line1
    A bottle of sparkling wine 
    for two people 

    16 information button Passengers are allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages (except for beer, not more than one bottle per a couple). Consumption of outside food and non-alcoholic beverages is not permitted on board.


mi anchor
December 31, 2022, 20:00
Beginning of boarding at the pier City Expocentre
mi party
Start of the entertainment program and gala dinner
mi ship
Departure of the ship on a voyage

mi fireworks
January 1, 2023, 0:00
Viewing the festive fireworks near the Kremlin
mi anchor
Stop at the pier Krymskiy most
mi anchor
Arrival at the pier City Expocentre

mi anchor
3:00 — 6:00
Incendiary disco to the rhythms of pop hits

Getting here – City Expocentre pier

  • Vystavochnaya or Delovoy Centre metro stations

    The Moscow metro is the easiest and the most comfortable way to reach the pier. You should catch a train at one of the central stations of the Filyovskaya line in the direction of the Mezhdunarodnaya metro station. Note that some trains go in the direction of the Kuntsevskaya station, you should avoid them. You get off at the Vystavochnaya station.

    You can also get to the Delovoy Centre station using the new Bolshaya Koltsevaya line from Dinamo, Khodynskoye pole or changing to the Khoroshevskaya station from the Polezhaevskaya station of the Tagansko–Krasnopresnenskaya line.

    Leave the station by the southern entrance hall which is connected to the pedestrian Bagration bridge. Don’t get out to the street but go up the escalator to the bridge. You cross the Moskva river by this bridge, then go down the escalator and the stairs leading to Taras Shevchenko Embankment. The descend to the pier is 20 metres to the right of the hall entrance.

  • Taras Shevchenko Embankment, 23А

    The pier is right on Taras Shevchenko Embankment under the pedestrian Bagration bridge. There are comfortable drives from the Third Ring Road and Kutuzovsky Avenue. There are two levels of Taras Shevchenko Embankment, they are not connected and have dead ends so there is lots of parking space on both the roads. You get to the lower level from the junction of Kutuzovsky Avenue near the Ukraine Hotel. You get to the upper level when driving along Kutuzovsky Avenue in the direction from the centre by Kiyevskaya Street or Proektiruemiy proezd 3580.

    There is the 3211 city parking on both the levels of Taras Shevchenko Embankment. The parking charge is 60 roubles per hour. On Sundays and on public holidays the city parkings are free of charge. Note that at weekends and on public holidays the lower level of Taras Shevchenko Embankment which borders the river becomes pedestrian, you can’t park there. You can park only on the part of the embankment which borders Kutuzovskiy avenue. You can leave your car easily not far from the Tower 2000 skyscraper attached to Bagration Bridge.

    You can also leave your car on the opposite bank, in the paid chargeable planar parking in Vystavochniy pereulok. The parking charge from Monday to Friday is 300 roubles per hour, on Saturday and Sunday it is 200 roubles per hour. It will take you about 10 minutes to cross the river by Bagration bridge and descend to the pier.

    You can also use the underground parking of the Afimall City shopping centre. The nearest parking sectors are G and H. The parking charge on weekdays is 150 roubles per hour from 6 am to 6 pm, 50 roubles per hour from 6 pm to 6 am. Note that if you have entered the parking lot before 6 pm the parking charge after 6 pm to the day end will still be 150 roubles per hour. The parking charge at weekends and on public holidays is 50 roubles per hour. You can enter the underground parking of the Afimall City shopping centre right from Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment and from Perviy Krasnogvardeyskiy proezd. You should better leave the parking lot without the elevator but through the car entrance. You cross the one-way road around the shopping centre and come out to Vystavochniy pereulok. Then you cross Bagration bridge and descend to the pier.




R-102 project
Maestro is a snow-white beautiful boat and the only one of the unique boar project R-102. It was constructed in Perm and has been reequipped fully to become a comfortable cruise boat. 

The boat is more than 50 metres long and about 10 metres wide. Due to these huge dimensions it can accommodate in comfort up to 150 guests on the two decks. The boat is of Class R 1.2 (ICE10) of the River Register so it can operate safely on the Moskva river in any season.


si multiple users silhouette
Able to accommodate up to 150 passengers
si hot coffee cup
Restaurant & bar
si credit card
Payment by card accepted on board

si loud audio
Audio system
si baby stoller
Baby carriages permitted
si air conditioner
Air conditioning system

si bycicle
Bicycles permitted
si heater
si cruiser front view
Ice class

si toilets


Menu on board
Open the menu
Vegetable salad
150 g 370
«Greek salad» 200 g 450
«Quail's nest»
200 g 480
with chicken
180 g 500
with salmon
160 g 600
Bruschetta (2 pcs)
with salmon and soft cheese
100 g 420
Assorted fresh vegetables
200 g 430
Cheese plate
180 гр 600
Lightly salted salmon 200 g 820
with boiled potatoes
200 g 450
Garlic croutons
150 g 300
French fries
150 g 200
Chicken nuggets
150 g 270
Assorted olives and olives
150 g 250
20 g 60
Assorted meat delicacies
150 g 490
Russian pickles
in assortment
250 g 400
Hot dishes
Combo menu
beef burger french fries, drink, sauce
Pork shashlik
180 g 480
Chicken kebab
200 g 420
Turkey steak
250 g 540
Baked salmon 130 g 780
Spaghetti carbonara
230 g 460
Fettuccine with salmon
200 g 610
Tomato paste
250 g 400
Fettuccine with mushrooms
250 g 440
Grilled vegetables
150 g 400
Rice mix
100 g 180
Spaghetti with ham and mushrooms
250 g 450
Pork loin
180 g 550
Baked potato
100 g 220
Homemade lemonade
220/1000 ml 250/650
b / a - classic, strawberry, banana, grapefruit
350 ml 300
Cold berry tea
350 ml 250
Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite
500 ml 180
in assortment
200/1000 ml 150/450
Mineral water
with gas, still
500 ml 150
Kvass «Ochakovsky»
500 ml 180
Desserts and ice cream
Ice cream
in assortment
fruit plate
250 g 600
80 g 320
Ritter Sport chocolate 100 g 300
Milk shake
vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry
300 g 360
Berry panna cotta 70 g 250
Banana frame 300 g 350
Fruit salad
150 g 270
Raspberry bomb
Chocolate forest
Mango passion fruit
Snacks and supplements
Lay's Chips
in assortment
80 g 200
60 g 150
Salted peanuts
40 g 150
Lemon 50 g 60
50 g 90
Honey 30 g 50
Milk 50 g 50
Lime 50 g 90
Ice 70
Mint 60
Beer and cider
in assortment
470 ml 250
in assortment
750 ml 700
Hot drinks
seasonal natural
600 ml 450
600 ml 400
600 ml 350
60 ml 150
200 ml 180
300 ml 250
300 ml 300
Cold cappuccino
with caramel
350 ml
Caramel cocoa 200 ml 250
«Ice Frappé»
350 ml 250
200 ml 300



adult (with dinner, STANDARD): 17990

adult (with dinner, PREMIUM): 20990

child (from 6 to 12 years old): 11250

children under 5 years old inclusive — free
The cost of tickets at the pier (if available):

adult (with dinner, PREMIUM): 20000

children (from 6 to 12 years old): 15000

children under 5 years old inclusive — free


mi credit card face
Payment with no commission charged
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Mir payments
mi protection
Payment protection
The cardholder information is encoded when transmitted and is not stored any further, thus keeping the payments safe
mi smartphone
Present your ticket at the checkpoint
Electronic tickets must be printed out or shown at the checkpoint from a mobile or tablet screen


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New Year Moscow river cruise

New Year 2023 on the ship! Cruise on the Moskva River on New Year's Eve with fireworks viewing and a luxurious menu.

The closer the holidays, the more acutely the question arises – where to spend New Year's Eve? We offer an excellent alternative to celebrating the New Year at home or in a restaurant – celebrating the New Year on a luxury boat!

A unique cruise on the Moskva River will start from the Bagration Bridge pier, which is located next to the Moscow City skyscrapers and will go through the entire center of the capital to the new Zaryadye Park and the Moscow Kremlin, where exactly at midnight you will hear the chimes and see the main fireworks of the country.

The cruise boat Maestro has a reinforced hull and an ice class according to the classification of the Russian River Register and can operate cruises in any weather.

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