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A romantic river cruise round Golden island in central Moscow aboard the Maria Ermolova boat

Adult (dinner included): 1490

Child (aged 6 to 12, without dinner): 300

Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free
Ticket price at the pier (if available):

Adult (dinner included): 2500 

Adult (dinner not included): 600
Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free

16 information button Electronic tickets must be printed out or shown at the checkpoint from a mobile or tablet screen

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2 hours
Cruise duration
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Boat Maria Ermolova
05371K project

Cruise description
Enjoy a two-hour river cruise with lunch or dinner and the most unusual route round Balchug island in the centre of Moscow. You’ll follow the unique way of the Vodootvodny Canal with no access for other boats. During the cruise you’ll see the picturesque floating fountains on the Vodootvodny Canal and the architecture of the small bridges as well as the Moscow main sights - the Moscow Kremlin, the Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Peter the Great Statue. The premium-class panoramic Maria Ermolova boat offers you a cosy atmosphere, fully opening panoramic windows in the lower saloon, live music and fabulous chef lunch or dinner.


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40% discount on electronic tickets
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Refined meals cooked by the chef
Elegant on board menu included in the ticket
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Bar on board
A wide range of starters and beverages to set the tone

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Live music
Pleasant pop & lounge music will keep you entertained throughout the whole cruise 
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Route to the center
All the city’s historic sights from the best perspective
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Separate tables
We guarantee a service of the highest quality


The cruise map
Novospassky Bridge Pier — Vodootvodny Canal — The floating fountains — Bolotnaya Square — - Peter the Great Statue — Krymskiy Bridge — Park Gorky Pier (stop, turn point) — the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour — The Kremlin — Saint Basil's Cathedral — Zaryadye landscape park — Floating Bridge — Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building — Krasnokholmskiy Bridge — Novospassky Bridge Pier

 Itinerary map

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 Getting here – Novospassky Bridge pier

  • Proletarskaya, Krestyanskaya Zastava or Paveletskaya stations

    You can go by metro to the Proletarskaya station of the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line and take the exit near the end of the train. Or to the Krestianskaya Zastava station of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line, take the exit to Krestianskaya Zastava square, to 3rd Krutitskiy pereulok.

    After the metro exit walk along 3rd Krutitskiy pereulok, cross Novospasskiy proezd at the pedestrian underpass and go ahead along Sarinskiy proezd in the direction of the Moskva river. At the intersection of Sarinskiy proezd and Krasnokholmskaya Embankment cross the embankment at the surface level pedestrian crossing. Novospassky Bridge Pier is 70 metres to the right. It will take about 12 minutes from the metro, the distance is 800 metres.

    If the Zamoskvoretskaya (green) metro line suits you then use the Paveletskaya station. After the metro exit joint to Paveletskiy Railway Terminal turn right and walk along Kozhevnicheskaya street, or take tram 35 or 38 to the Dinamovskaya street stop (2 stops). Cross the Moskva river by Novospassky bridge and descend to the pier. The distance is a bit more than 1 km.

  • Krasnokholmskaya embankment, the nearest address - 6 Sarinskiy proezd

    The pier is located at the intersection of Krasnokholmskaya embankment and Sarinsky Proezd, convenient entrances from the Garden (the “B”) Ring and the Third Ring Road.

    Next to the pier you will see city parking lots on the Krasnokholmskaya embankment, directly at the pier, and then there are parking lots at Sarinsky proezd with a minimum Moscow rate of 40 per hour.

    On Sundays and public holidays, city car parking is free of charge.


Lunch (or dinner) menu
  • Salad
    nd line1
    Summer salad
    iceberg lettuce, ripened tomatoes and cucumbers with special dressing

    Main courses (at choice)
    nd line1
    Pork steak
    in cream and mushroom sauce

    Chicken fillet
    with cream mushroom sauce and wood honey mushrooms

    nd line1
    Boiled potatoes
    with herbes de Provence

    Drinks (at choice)
    nd line1
    black or green

    still or sparkling

    nd line1
    with whipped cream, 2 pieces
16 information button Passengers are allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages (except for beer, not more than one bottle per a couple). Consumption of outside food and non-alcoholic beverages is not permitted on board.


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Maria Ermolova
05371K project
Maria Ermolova is a beautiful premium-class panoramic boat build in 2010 in Tver Shipyard upon the very successful 05371K project. The lower deck hosts a comfortable restaurant with fully opening panoramic windows. The upper deck is a lounge zone.

The boat is 21 metres long and almost 7 metres wide. Due to these compact dimensions and its shallow draft it can enter the Vodootvodny Chanel in the centre of Moscow which is not accessible for other boat projects. The boat is of Class Р 1,2 of the River Register and can operate safely on rivers, channels and small reservoirs.


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Able to accommodate up to 80 passengers
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Restaurant & bar
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Air conditioning system

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Audio system
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Warm blankets
si baby stroller
Baby carriages permitted

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Panoramic windows
si bycicle
Bicycles permitted
si toilets



Adult (dinner included): 1490

Child (aged 6 to 12, without dinner): 300

Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free
Ticket price at the pier (if available):

Adult (dinner included): 2500 

Adult (dinner not included): 600
Child (of up to 5 years of age) — free


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River walks on the Moskva river along the Vodootvodny Canal around Golden island aboard the Maria Ermolova premium boat

There are a great number of boat walks on the Moskva river especially in the city centre. You can choose boats of any class and service level, various programmes from dinner cruises till kids’ fests onboard. However most river walks in Moscow are performed in the main city river area from the Moscow City to Novospasskiy Bridge. This route includes all the main sights along the main Moskva river bed. But as for the Maria Ermolova boat its route is unique – the boat passes the main Moskva river bed and the Vodootvodny Canal in Zamoskvorechye District.

The Vodootvodny Canal was built at the end of the XVIII century and was used to pass away water during seasonal floods and during repair works in the main Moskva river bed. In the XIX century the canal became navigable and was in active use up to the 30s of the XX century when the Moscow-Volga Canal was put into operation and the Karamyshevskaya and Nagatinskaya dams started to regulate
the Moskva river flow.

Before the end of the 2000s the canal wasn’t used for navigation. They even suggested covering it with soil and building a road in its place. However since 2008 small river boats of the Moika type and motorboats have started to perform excursion walks along the canal. There is a unique system of floating fountains placed on the canal in the district of Bolotnaya square. The fountains are a particularly effective sight at evening and night time.

The Maria Ermolova boat built in Tver in 2010 as per project 05371. It combines small sizes and the draft allowing to enter the Vodootvodny Canal, high rates of comfort for passengers and contemporary operational characteristics. There are two decks on the boat. The lower panoramic cabin is for lunches and dinners. Its distinctive feature is fully opening windows which allow to enjoy the fresh and cool river air in good weather.

There is a small dance floor and a few bar chairs abaft the lower deck. In comparison to other boats you don’t hear the engine noise and the vibration due to the installed modern pump-jet. There is cane furniture on the upper open deck where you can rest after a meal and feel the romantic beauty of river walks on the Moskva river.

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